Accepted Green Nomination

Thank you Green Independent voters of Brunswick’s District 66!

This morning at our caucus, the Greens of District 66 unanimously voted to nominate me as the replacement candidate for representative to the Maine legislature. Tomorrow I’ll file the paperwork as a candidate seeking to participate in the clean elections system.

It feels good to get the campaign underway.

Here is the press release being issued by the committee today:


For Immediate Release

David Frans
Brunswick Municipal Chair
Maine Green Independent Party

Fred Horch Accepts District 66 Green Nomination

BRUNSWICK (Sunday, July 8, 2012) – The Brunswick Municipal Committee of the Maine Green Independent Party is pleased to announce that K. Frederick (“Fred”) Horch has accepted the party’s nomination for District 66 Representative to the Legislature.

“I’m looking forward to another chance to give voters in Brunswick’s District 66 a real choice for a better future,” said Fred Horch. “My campaign will be about bringing people together across political divides to figure out how we can take better care of each other and of our environment which sustains us all. With better policies we can grow a strong, secure and sustainable economy that provides more health and wealth for everyone.”

After winning the Green Independent primary in June, David Frans announced that he was withdrawing from the race. The Green Independent caucus to select a replacement candidate took place on Sunday, July 8, at Curtis Memorial Library.

“I believe we have just nominated the finest possible candidate for State Legislature that the town of Brunswick has to offer. I have no doubt that, when elected, Fred’s every political decision will be based solely on what’s best for the citizens of Brunswick and the State of Maine. Is it time yet for a fresh perspective in Augusta? Do you tire of the short-sighted decision making and self-serving motivations? If so, I urge you to spend a little time getting to know Fred Horch this fall,” said Frans, chair of the committee which selected Horch to replace him on the ballot.

The Maine Green Independent Party is one of three political parties with ballot access in Maine. It was founded in January 1984 in Augusta, Maine, achieving ballot access on December 21, 1998, after having received 6.6% of the vote in the 1998 gubernatorial election. With more than 30,000 Green Independent voters, today Maine has the highest percentage of registered Greens in the United States.  More information about the Green Independent party is available online at


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