Why I’m Running to Represent District 66

Today the Times Record published my commentary explaining why I’m running for office.

Here is the full text:

Why I’m running to represent District 66
I’m writing to introduce myself to Brunswick voters in District 66. I am Fred Horch, your Green Independent candidate for state representative. You may remember me from the close election in 2010. I’m looking forward to another chance to earn your support.

My family and I love Brunswick and all it offers. After successfully selling F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods & Supplies, our store on Maine Street, I am planning my next business endeavor to be headquartered here in Brunswick.

My wife is a professor at Bowdoin College. Our children attend public school. We shop at local businesses, visit our wonderful public library, ice skate on the downtown rink and bicycle all around town.

Being a husband, father, home owner, landlord and business owner, I seek to carry on the Maine tradition of becoming a citizen legislator with a full life outside of politics.

I’m running to go to work for you in Augusta. We face great challenges on the path to a sustainable future for Brunswick and Maine; our current political, economic and fiscal systems are not working well for most people.

Our top priority should be to come together across political divides to figure out how to take better care of each other and of our environment, which sustains us all. With better policies we can grow a strong, secure and sustainable economy that provides more health and wealth for everyone.

I have been actively involved in the public life of our town, as a board member of the Northwest Brunswick Neighborhood Association, as the founder of the Brunswick Sustainability Group, and as a volunteer with local organizations. For many years, I served our community through my small store on Maine Street, providing practical products for sustainable living and inviting local experts to give free workshops about everything from backyard composting to rooftop solar panels.

Through my store and my volunteer service, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of meeting thousands of people from all walks of life in Brunswick. Almost every day, I was asked to support a local school, community group or town committee with my time, expertise or financial contribution. Because I respect the dedication behind every request, I did my best to stretch my limited resources to give back to our community.

But I realize there is only so much each of us can do as private citizens. Our representatives in government must make better decisions, too.

As a citizen who cares deeply about the future of our town and state, I will bring genuine enthusiasm to bridge partisan divides. As a business owner and former attorney, I will bring practical experience to reach real solutions. My loyalty and commitment is to the people who call Brunswick home. You can count on me to seek out your views, keep you informed of what’s going on in Augusta and advocate for your priorities.

I believe in the wisdom of a citizen legislature. We strengthen our political system by electing people with life experience beyond politics who bring informed and diverse perspectives to the law-making process.

I am proud to run as a Green Independent to give you a better choice based on shared values, commitment to our community and integrity. Working together, we can choose a better future for ourselves and our posterity. People often ask me why I haven’t joined the Democratic or Republican parties. The answer is that I have always been a political independent who believes in the green values of democracy, peace, justice and respect for future generations — values that I know are widely shared by people of all political parties.

While I understand the desire of the two major parties to gain or retain majority control of the Maine House, I believe it is in our best long-term interest as Maine voters to encourage a diversity of political thought and leadership. Furthermore, in a Legislature that is likely to be closely divided, I believe Brunswick will be best served by a representative who can be the swing vote on important issues and an honest broker between the major parties on contentious causes.

I also believe in making informed choices at the ballot box. For this reason, my campaign will once again offer to organize a series of forums on Maine’s future. I invite you and the other candidates to join me to discuss issues vital to our future quality of life.

As the election season progresses, you’ll find an announcement of each community forum in this newspaper and on my campaign website, http://www.FredHorch.com.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Green or unenrolled, I look forward to meeting you, hearing your concerns, and learning how I can best serve you as your representative to the Maine Legislature.

FRED HORCH of Brunswick is the Green Independent candidate for District 66 in the Maine House of Representatives.

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