Welcoming Mr. Connors and Ms. Daughtry to the Race

Today the Times Record reported that at caucuses last week the Republican party chose Grant Connors and the Democratic party chose Matthea “Mattie” Daughtry to be their replacement candidates.

I would like to welcome both of them to the race for Maine House District 66.

Speaking from experience, it takes a lot of time and commitment to participate in our democracy as a candidate for state office. So I thank them for being willing to put themselves and their families through the experience.

I have extended an offer to Ms. Daughtry to participate in a series of issue forums this fall, and she has agreed.  I look forward to making the same offer to Mr. Connors, now that I know he is the Republican candidate, and hope he will agree to join us.  As we did in the last election, my campaign team intends to use some of our clean elections funding to host the forums.

But first, we need to qualify for public support. If you are a registered voter who lives on the north side of Brunswick, please consider making a $5 contribution for a clean election!

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