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Pat Coon and I Are Starting a New Energy Efficiency Business in Maine

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am delighted to share the news that I am starting a new venture.

After selling the F.W. Horch store in 2011, I was able to spend a year in Japan thinking about a wide range of business ideas (in between trying to learn Japanese and being the tour director for our family’s global travels). Since that time I’ve run for office, volunteered for many worthy causes, contributed to a report on sustainable agriculture, and helped organize a Climate Solutions Expo and Summit that brought a thousand people together to consider what we should do next here in Maine about climate change. Now I’m ready to get back to business.

I’m excited to announce a new venture with my partner Pat Coon. Pat and I are developing a company to help businesses be more energy efficient and convert from fossil fuels to clean power. We will help our clients find cash-positive energy upgrades that prevent pollution and save money. Our experience is that many small businesses are inefficient simply because the owners are busy thinking about other things besides energy. We will bring our passion and experience to help business owners reach a higher level of efficiency. We’re starting with food service businesses, as they tend to have specific problems that we can solve immediately.

But we need a name! We’ve been using Coon & Horch Energy Partners (CHEP) as a placeholder. We like the Energy Partner’s piece, but Coon & Horch sounds a bit too much like a law practice (and I just can’t imagine myself going back to the practice of law). I would be most grateful if you would think about a name for us. It can be funny — or serious — but should invoke our vision, which is to “unleash a wave of change in how our partners use energy.”

I’m really fired up about our new venture. I see helping businesses transition to a more efficient and more sustainable energy future as an incredibly worthwhile challenge and a great opportunity.

Once we have a name for our new business, I’ll be sending you my new contact information.

I look forward to your ideas for what we should call ourselves. And if you can think of any restaurants, resorts, coffee shops, spas, hotels or other food service or hospitality businesses in the greater Portland area that might use our services, we would love it if you could let us know.

Warm regards,

Fred Horch
(207) 200-4685