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About Fred Horch

Fred Horch lives in Brunswick.

Running for Maine House

It’s official! I’ve announced my candidacy and accepted the nomination to be the Green Independent candidate for Representative to the Legislature in Brunswick’s District 49.

If you’d like to help me achieve my goal of serving Maine as a legislator, please visit my campaign web site.

Election day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. My name will appear on the ballot as K. Frederick Horch, Green Independent for Representative to the Legislature.

Wish me luck!

Driving Electric

We’ve been driving electric cars since 2012. Until this year we’ve been leasing, since the technology has been advancing so rapidly.

This summer we finally took the plunge and bought an electric car. I’m very happy to report that after more than 10,000 kilometers of driving up and down the East Coast, we are very satisfied owners of a Tesla Model 3 (even if Tesla doesn’t know I don’t go by Kevin, my first name). It’s really a great feeling to come home, see the sun shining on your solar panels, and plug in to recharge with clean energy.

There are now several makes and models of electric cars that are practical and relatively affordable. I highly recommend taking a test drive to see if it’s time to electrify your family!

Vote Horch for a Change


I ask for your support and your vote on Tue Nov. 4!

Election day is Tuesday, November 4.

If you live in Brunswick, Freeport, Harpswell, North Yarmouth or Pownal, you’ll see me on your ballot under State Senator, District 24, as “Horch, K. Frederick, Brunswick, Green Independent.”

To learn more about why I’m running and what I’ll do for you as your next state senator, please visit