Priorities for Brunswick’s District 66
Representative to the Maine Legislature

During my unsuccessful run for the Maine Legislature in 2012, I proposed these priorities for addressing key issues facing our community and state.

1. Health Care and Social Needs

  • Establish an effective, universal and permanent plan to provide affordable access to quality health care for every Maine resident.
  • Create a Maine Permanent Fund to insure income stability for every Maine family.
  • Overhaul Maine’s entitlement programs to create a simple, fair system that rewards and respects the dignity of work.
  • Improve public safety and reduce prison expenses by investing in successful programs to treat and cure people who have drug, alcohol and other addictions.

2. Jobs and Economic Development

  • Create a green business incubator and expand the community college at Brunswick Landing to improve Maine’s ability to innovate, provide seed capital, and grow small businesses from the grassroots up.
  • Introduce a series of jobs bills and state bonds to put people to work rebuilding Maine’s neglected infrastructure, upgrading Maine’s housing stock, harvesting Maine’s farmland, forests and fisheries, harnessing Maine’s renewable energy resources, and serving Maine’s health care and social needs.
  • Support sustainable economic growth by closing regulatory loopholes and ending subsidies that allow environmentally-destructive businesses to compete unfairly in Maine’s free markets.

3. State Budget and Taxes

  • Meet the state obligation to fund 55% of public education expenses so Brunswick’s schools receive the funding they need.
  • Introduce a balanced budget that sustains Maine’s ability to provide essential government services without incurring public debt.
  • Require our wealthiest residents to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Reward work by lowering taxes on earned income.
  • Simplify the tax code and pay for earned income tax cuts by closing tax loopholes.

4. Environment and Sustainability

  • Establish in state law the economic value of a healthy environment, including clean air and water, productive forests, rivers, oceans and soil, and a diversity of native species, so short-term private profits align with the long-term common good.
  • Require state planning documents, such as Maine’s energy plan, to be completed, published, and updated in a timely manner, and connect these plans to the legislature’s budget process.
  • Encourage sustainable economic development by lowering taxes on earned income and real property while raising taxes on pollution and harmful consumption.
  • Amend Maine’s constitution to allow gas taxes to be used to help Maine families transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to a clean energy economy.

5. Civil Rights and Social Justice

  • Respect and promote the constitutional rights of all Mainers to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Guarantee the civil marriage rights of all couples in Maine.
  • Strengthen our environmental laws to promote public health above corporate convenience.

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